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I never thought I wanted to be a mom | KISKA

Kiska lives in London, England with her husband and baby son. While she was born and raised in the United States, Kiska’s love affair with England began in college where she spent a semester abroad in London. Her husband is a native Brit and they lived in the U.S. prior to moving to London. Her story will resonate with many women, especially millennial women, who are not necessarily following in their parents footsteps. Instead, they are doing it in their own way. 

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Meet the Girls Series | MAKESH

This is Makesh. Makesh is 13 years old and one of the Girls on Fire Leaders. She loves to design t-shirts and would like to model. Her job at Girls on Fire Leaders is to design their t-shirts. She also hiked with us one day and was happy and laughed A LOT! We'll be posting videos of her and other GOF leaders very soon!

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Is perfection a myth? | EVELYN

My life changed the day I realized that perfection can’t be had in the outer world. It only exists in the inner realm. Recently, I have realized that perfection is very much in my grasp all the time, even when my life and house and hair look like a tornado just blazed though it. Cause here's the deal....

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SpotlightsHaley Fields
What Are You Struggling With? | HALEY

 “Most nights, as I lie in bed, trying to finally shut my brain off from the day (with the help of HGTV), the thoughts start racing: "I should have worked out today. I should have eaten better today. I should have sent that work email before I left the office. Am I a bad mom because I send my daughter to daycare five days a week? I shouldn't have let her eat mac-n-cheese and hot dogs for dinner again. Did we let her watch her iPad too much? Ok, you get the point.” 

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SpotlightsCarol Storey