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Welcome to Day 2 of The Villa’s Confidence Boot Camp. At this point, we hope you have had time to review the Chemistry of Confidence exercise, as today we will be sharing a tool from the physical component of confidence. If not, download the guide here and review it.

My name is Meagan Nielsen and I am the Business Manager at Villa Leadership Group and one of the Storytellers at The Villa blog. I have a short attention span and get bored easily, so I am all about finding tools and practices in my life that are quick and easy. Enter: the Power Pose.


Years ago, we came across the Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy, researcher and professor at Harvard Business School, on power posing. We were intrigued with the research around this simple yet effective practice that can improve the way we feel in potentially stressful situations. Since our discovery, we have been sharing this tool with people in our programs all over the world. We often receive feedback from participants well after the programs are complete that they are practicing the power pose daily.                 

Why is it so great? Well, I think it’s because it is so easy to do and only takes two minutes a day.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Stand up tall with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Step 2: Raise your chin slightly.

Step 3: Put your hands on your hips like a super hero.

Hold this pose for two minutes. What Amy Cuddy discovered is that while holding the body in an open, power posture like this one, testosterone increases and cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases. Thus, you feel more confident, more engaged and focused,  and better prepared to take  measured risks.

Since it requires so little time, you can fit in a power pose practice almost anytime. We have individuals report to us that they are power posing in bathroom stalls before job interviews, while their oatmeal cooks in the microwave each morning, or before a difficult conversation. Some have reported standing in their cubicle before a contentious customer phone call, preparing to be calm and assertive. They say the results are incredible.

Your assignment for today is to practice the power pose. Please share with us how it made you feel, or what you noticed in your practice. You can reach out to us on FaceBook and Instagram, or contact us here.

Power posing around the world.


I highly recommend you watch Amy Cuddy's video on power postures. Here it is:


If you have a bit more time, you can watch Amy Cuddy's entire TedTalk on power posing.

(Have you ever noticed that most super heroes practice the power pose? Need we say more?)

Happy power pose practice.

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