What do you daydream about? | LORRIE

What do you daydream about?

At 57-years-old, I’ve had time to make a lot of mistakes, including a whopper, that impacted my children.  I have also had time to observe that short time between life and death speed racing to the finish line. These thoughts contribute to my passion to provide comfort and peace to my children.  Well, the Gods smiled on me and allowed me to realize this desire also as my greatest pleasure.  And that… is what I daydream about. 

I have daydreams of ways to lure my adult children to spend time with me, and I daydream of ways to create an oasis of comfort for them to relax in. I daydream of sourcing and buying a soft, cozy blanket for pampered cuddling and making yummy homemade soups from the best ingredients, to enjoy on cold snowy days.  I daydream about which of their friends to invite for summer BBQ's and which of their favorite side dishes to make.   I daydream of creating and planning a family vacation they can’t refuse, investigating trendy new restaurants for brunch or remembering their tried and true favorites.  I daydream of planning sleep overs at the mountain town home; what sheets, bath towels, toiletries and pillows to use.  Do I make pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs or just Bloody Mary’s? What brand of coffee do they like? I daydream of leaving surprises on their doorsteps, running errands to lighten their loads, walking their dogs, stopping by the bars and restaurants where they work to admire them in action and leave big tips.  I daydream about being an attentive listener without interjecting and without judgment, only love.  I daydream of touching them, holding their hands, giving them bear hugs and kisses.  I especially enjoy daydreaming that each one knows they are loved. Ahhh, I’m happy writing this.  Thank you for the excuse to pause and relish these daydreams. Daydreams I get to make my reality.

With pleasure,