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Stormy gets asked a lot about her name, and the story of its origin is just what you would expect.  “My dad decided to name me after the weather on the day I was born.”  But, there were conditions:  her mother agreed, as long as she could give ALL of their children her maiden name as their middle names.  The deal was struck, and thus, Stormy, and her two brothers were exposed from the get-go to the concept of egalitarianism in relationships.  It has served her well in many aspects of her work and life. 

I recently interviewed Stormy for one of our Aluminaria stories on The Villa (coming up later in August). 

I guess I would describe her as innately curious about, well, EVERYTHING. 

She has lived her life as a continual explorer of those things she finds fascinating or salient, whether it is about world cultures, food, social issues, or relationships.  Stormy is always searching for explanations, understanding, diversity of thought, and personal fulfillment.  She is one determined person, intent on exploring all angles of all perspectives on whatever deeply interests or matters to her, or whatever new direction she is currently reflecting, considering or deciding on.  

I wondered how Stormy’s drive to satisfy her curiosity started.  It began very young and one experience that had a significant imprint on her was when she was just 11 years old and her grandmother took her to Eastern Europe on a vacation in 1985.  “We saw six countries over three weeks and it was mind-opening!” she remembered, “There was a combination of homesickness, surprise and shock with the size of the cities, people and the culture and some of the things that I tasted and experienced for the first time.  But, also there was just incredible awe and wonder and this amazement at how different and amazing the world is.  I had grown up reading folk tales and stories from other countries.  I was always drawn to these other places.”

And that was the beginning of her wanderlust adventures in academics, professions, and travels. 


Stormy is about to embark on a new adventure, one that involves a move to a new state to pursue yet another advanced degree and career.  So, stay tuned!  I promise that you will be as enthralled as I was.  You’ll also be inspired by her courage and continual search for personal growth and satisfaction.  Her story reminds all of us that we have only one life to live.  We might as well make it purposeful, intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding.

Written by Carol Storey
Photographs by Carolyn Storey (same person)


Footnote:  Stormy’s story will be published in its entirety sometime in August.  We’ll let you know!  (And if you subscribe, you will be notified in your email making it even easier).

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