Meet the Girls Series | BELDIN


My name is Beldine, a 15 year old determined girl. I graduated from primary school at (SHOFCO’s Kibera School for Girls) and I am looking forward to joining secondary school in July at Westover, Connecticut. I am so excited and cannot wait to explore the world as a Girl on Fire. I am most delighted about making new friends and trying out new things. I feel elephants are closest to my heart. I love  them because of their amazing behavior. I enjoy watching them in their environment. I even got thrilled when our Girls on Fire organization adopted an elephant called Kamok. From that I learnt to be responsible and to take care of my environment.  I get hurt when people poach elephants for easy and quick cash.   

My philosophy is: respect to others is respect for oneself. I love singing, drawing and reading series like Hunger Games which talk about a Girl on Fire who followed her dreams. I enjoy going for leadership camps which give me opportunities to interact with the girls that have no opportunity like me. I also enjoy putting a smile on other people’s faces by teaching them on how to speak about themselves. It is always my joy to see them grow from being shy to confident girls. 

I aspire to be a professor in linguistics so as to unite my country. I would like to change the tribalism mentality and embark on rebuilding my country, Kenya.  I will devote most of my time in being an advocate for girls, especially in Eastern part of Kenya because it has girls who are forced into early marriages and hence denied a chance to go to school. 

I really got interested in this after visiting Samburu with the Girls on Fire organization and hearing about their life stories. I empathize and sympathize with them and since then I have always yearned to help them. I believe that if I have a gift for showing kindness to others then I should do it without any reservation, a Girl on Fire!