How will you be bold for change in 2017? | COURTNEY



"To fight the monumental fights that we need to take on collectively--from inclusiveness and equal pay to standing up against discriminatory policy--I put pressure on myself to be stronger and non-complacent as an individual.  That means making bold changes on a smaller scale:  at work, amplifying my voice (and the voices of my female colleagues) so we are heard equally as loud (and paid equally as much) as the boys, even when it's uncomfortable; or taking on a project that scares me, but will propel me forward to a place where a female opinion is very much needed.  I approach relationships socratically, wanting to learn about and better understand a reality that is different from my own, so I can speak intelligently on the behalf of those who are marginalized.  More recently, I'm focusing on finding time daily to help somebody else.  No matter the size of the gesture, I find it more clarifying than meditation."

Courtney is a fashion editor at Surface Magazine and lives in New York, New York.

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