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I nipped in to the toy store to pick up “Spy Alley” an award winning board game for a 10 year old birthday party to be held that evening. I texted my husband several times to remind him of his birthday party driving duties that evening. I made snacks for the birthday party participant and monitored creative birthday card making.  I drove the daughter one way, while husband took the birthday party participant another way, only to find - - yes it’s true - - the birthday party is NEXT FRIDAY.

Perfect is boring. 

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Happy is Better Than Perfect | PERI KINDER

When did we let our lives take over our lives? Women who were mothers like me (back in the Mesozoic Era) ran ourselves ragged trying to keep up, while today’s generation of wonder women don’t even get out of bed before updating their mommy blog, checking their business portfolio and writing four pages in their journals. I wrote in my journal once. 

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