It’s a busy night in our house. But let’s be honest, it’s just like any other week night.  I’m typically IN CHARGE of logistics and pride myself on knowing where the kids, dog, and husband are and where they need to be, and when they are done doing what they do, and when they need to be picked up. (Dog enjoys a supervisory role in car pick ups, naturally).

After playing two hours of tennis that evening, I ADORE TENNIS, I called my husband and asked him to pick me up. He then said, “um, Ker, you have the car.” So, as it turns out, I did have the car - - and I’d driven it to tennis, and it was in the parking lot right where I’d left it. No, I’m not mentally ill, but definitely forgetful.


Was unremarkable. I remembered to make people lunch, feed the dog, do brilliant things at work. Check.

Owens PJs.png


Also unremarkable. I sat in terrible traffic returning from a predictable meeting but, as always, laughed along with the comedy on satellite radio.



A unique “twist” occurred in our logistics. There was talk of our son calling my husband upon finishing his swim team practice. There was an agreement that I would drive our daughter home after completing her skating practice. I sat with some friends to wait for the daughter.  The daughter arrived with a knee injury and without her phone. Apparently she’d leant it to a friend?! So we limped around looking for it only to discover her brother, giggling in the hallway, with the daughter’s phone. It was like an episode of Clue.

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Speaking of board games, things came to a juicy head on the final day of the week. I left work early to get home for, wait for it, more driving responsibilities. I nipped in to the toy store to pick up “Spy Alley” an award winning board game for a 10 year old birthday party to be held that evening. I ensured it was wrapped. I texted my husband several times to remind him of his birthday party driving duties that evening. I made snacks for the birthday party participant and monitored creative birthday card making.  I drove the daughter one way, while husband took the birthday party participant another way, only to find - - yes it’s true - - the birthday party is NEXT FRIDAY. Our eager participant was one week early for the party. Husband was obviously thrilled.


Perfect is boring. 

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