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We want you invite you to share your less-than-perfect stories with us, so we can all be bored of perfection together. Send us your personal stories of struggles with perfection, such as: 

  • An embarrassing moment or event 

  • Something you did that you’re not proud of 

  • Some part of your life where you struggle with trying to be perfect 

  • Where you beat yourself up most for not being perfect 

  • Some part of your life that you’ve given up trying to be perfect 

  • How trying to be perfect has caused you problems 

  • How you’ve given up on perfection 

You can send your stories to us anonymously or openly, with or without photographs. We will select from all the stories submitted and publish as many as we can on our blog. If we select your story to publish, we will send you a “Perfect is Boring” sticker.  If you submit your “Perfect is boring” story by November 16, 2017, we will also enter you to win a custom-designed silver bracelet inscribed with “Perfect is Boring”.  Read our blog post for ideas.

We hope you will join us in this fun new adventure. We can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous imperfections. (Don’t worry--we have them, too.)

Guidelines for submissions:

*600 words or less

*We have editorial rights

*Specify whether you want your post to be anonymous or not. If not, please submit with a high-res headshot or photo of yourself

*You will be notified via email once your submission is accepted and scheduled for posting

*If your story mentions a business, please include no more than 2 links in your post (in other words, you can mention your business ventures, but avoid being spammy)

*Be real and human- because you're pretty amazing!



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